Who We Are?
Wizzo Technologies is a global organization of professionals which we offer a portfolio of solution to manage, equip and inspire our over 1000 clients to make a positive impact through IT business. Spanning five countries, is one of the most influential networks in existence today and includes current and emerging leaders in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, profit & nonprofit management, international development and environmental sustainability. The Wizzo Technologies network includes over 100 cities throughout the world and a central office in Chemmad ,Malappuram District., With an operating staff of fourteen full-time employees, We works to enable our dynamic, intelligent and committed members to transform their ideals into measurable results.

Why choose us?
Our Company specializing in providing custom solutions for any business. We strive to build solutions to your specific needs to get the job done right the first time.
We pay special attention to the case of use and utilize the latest in technology.  Our software helps you to track all the profits, loss, profitable clients and products of a business organizations moreover it’s a general accounting software. Flexible and adaptive software suited to whole kind of business. In addition to Accounting softwares , we also concentrates on Web, Android and iOS Development and Digital branding Consultations.